Leading Security Guard Insurance Provider BSGIns.com

Leading Security Guard Insurance Provider BSGIns.com
March 19, 2013 GuardPro Insurance

March 19, 2013 – BuySecurityGuardInsurance.com, the trusted leader of choice for over 20 years for security guard insurance, announced today that it has changed its name to BSGIns.com. In addition to the name change, the company launched a new user-friendly website and updated logo.

“Security companies that are looking to protect their staff members, company property, and their assets have no doubt realized just how many options there are when it comes to insurance.  Not all of these policies are equal though, and countless companies are overpaying for their insurance every single month. This is why we are now offering some of the most affordable rates in the industry, superior coverage and personalized customer service all streamlined using our new website at BSGIins.com,” said Craig Mount, President of BSGIns.

Many companies offer supposedly user-friendly online services, but these websites may come with a catch.  Whether the provider is looking to oversell their services or uninterested in the wellbeing and success of their clients and their clients’ companies, it becomes all-too-easy to overspend for these insurance services.  For over 20 years, security companies have turned to BSGIns in order to dampen the countless costs that are sure to arise in the future with accidents and injuries.  Due to the nature of the security guard industry, insurance coverage is not only helpful, it can often mean the difference between a profitable company and bankruptcy.

Some insurance providers offer a wide array of insurance services, yet only a select few are dedicated to the security guard industry itself.  This lucrative industry generates billions of dollars every single year, but it can also be precarious when it comes to maintaining a safe and profitable professional environment.  Along with general liability and umbrella insurance currently offered by BSGI, companies can find coverage in all 50 states for bonding, group health insurance, business auto coverage, and much more.  The team of experienced agents at BSGI have also come to redefine customer services with a long list of resources including FAQs, tutorials, videos, downloads, legal information, and more on BSGIns.com.

Superior insurance is not just about acquiring the most expensive and robust coverage available.  Instead, companies should look to create a long-term relationship with a niche security guard insurance provider that is interested in the wellbeing of their staff, their assets, and their future.  This is why more businesses than ever are turning to the streamlined new services offered at BSGIns.com to receive the comprehensive policies that they need at a price that will fit any budget.

About BSGIns.com (BuySecurityGuardInsurance.com)

For over 20 years, BSGIns has been the trusted leader of choice for small, mid and large sized security companies. Rest assured knowing your company is protected by the most trusted, and affordable, insurance provider. By solely offering specialized programs for security guard, investigator, alarm and other security companies, we can offer some of the lowest rates in the insurance industry. As a division of Venture Pacific Insurance Services we strive to provide only the best possible insurance coverage and top-notch customer support. We are headquartered in Southern California and are licensed in all 50 states.

About Venture Pacific Insurance Services

Venture Pacific Insurance Services, Inc. (VPIS) was founded on the principles of a service first based approach. VPIS is affiliated with United Agencies, Inc. which gives them access to over 100 PC insurance markets. VPIS provides customers with a level of service and attention of a smaller agency combined with the markets and pricing of a top fifty insurance agency.