Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability Coverage

Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability Coverage
May 18, 2015 GuardPro Insurance

Why Security Guard Company’s need This Coverage.

There are many situations that arise where a security guard company may be held liable for the actions of their employees while they are driving their personal vehicles. Your best protection again this exposure is Hired and Non-Owned (HNOA) automobile liability coverage. HNOA covers bodily injury and property damage caused by a vehicle you hire (included rented or borrowed vehicles) or caused by a non-owned vehicle (vehicles owned by others, including vehicles owned by your employees).

Whether you realize it or not, as a security guard company, there are many occasions when this coverage is needed to properly protect your liabilities:

  • Do you ever have a security guard use their personal vehicle during patrols?
  • Do you ever have a security guard perform night-watch while in their personal vehicle?
  • Do you ever have an employee use their vehicle to pick up lunch, go to post office or office supply store?
  • Do you ever rent a vehicle while on a business trip?

HNOA coverage does not pay for the physical damage for the employee vehicle in the event of an accident. This is potentially covered under the employees personal auto policy. HNOA coverage is typically added to the current general liability policy if the guard company does not have a commercial auto policy in place. HNOA protects your company if it found legally liable for any physical damage or bodily injury caused by an auto hired or non-owned during the course of company business. The typical limit for HNOA is $1,000,000 in coverage.