Considerations before deciding on an insurance policy

Considerations before deciding on an insurance policy
March 14, 2014 GuardPro Insurance

Although many security guard companies carry out a number of the same duties, there are countless variables that must be taken into consideration before deciding upon an insurance policy. While this process may seem overwhelming at first, those that fail to acquire the correct coverage will not only be putting their employees at risk, the future of their company could be at stake. This is why the team here at is ready to help you and your company find the policy that will perfectly fit your needs as well as the budget of your business.

Protect Your Security Business with the Right Policy

Policies for security business insurance are slightly different than any other industry as security guards are exposed to a number of risks that are unique to their career. In today’s litigious society, even a minor mishap can turn into a major medical or financial battle and a large number of civil and criminal suits are leveled at security guards and the companies that they work for. In order to be prepared for any scenario, works with all of the country’s leading insurance providers in order to create customized policies that will protect your business from any eventuality.

Is Your Insurance Company Exclusive to the Security Guard Industry?

What sets our team apart is just how much time and energy we invest into our clients. While many companies will offer blanket policies for small to medium-sized businesses, we understand the variables that are exclusive to security guards. This begins with general liability insurance that will protect a company, its employees, and its assets in the event of accidents and injuries. Depending on one’s state, there will be a minimum amount of coverage that is needed for all of the most common mishaps that may occur. This includes injuries that are sustained by employees, clients, and even bystanders. Without this form of coverage, a single trip on an ambulance or treatment by a doctor could set a company back thousands of dollars. In addition to struggling with medical bills, those that fail to provide adequate coverage in these situations could find themselves fighting fines and fees due to state and local laws. In the event that one of these accidents does turn into a litigious affair, a robust insurance policy may be the only manner in which your business can maintain world-class legal representation while you focus on the business that you have worked so hard to create.

Liability Policy is a Must Have!

These essential liability policies are only the beginning when it comes to finding the absolute best coverage, and that is why we are proud to offer the additional support that you need for your company and your employees. Some of the factors that must be considered when creating these policies are the amount of hours that your employees will be working, the location of your clients, the carrying of firearms, and even the use of company vehicles.

Whatever your insurance needs may be, is ready to help. Get a free quote today to discover just how quick and easy it will be to find your own perfect policy.