5 Pre-Employment Strategies to Prevent Work Comp Claims

5 Pre-Employment Strategies to Prevent Work Comp Claims
June 11, 2020 GuardPro

After years of helping security guard companies get a handle on their workers compensation coverage; I truly believe that if you don’t have the right employees on board, no amount of safety culture environment and loss prevention strategies will fully benefit the organization.

What is the number one way to prevent work comp claims? Claims prevention begins at the hire!

Below are 5 pre-employment strategies to help prevent future claims:

  1. Check Employee References:
    • Employees can vastly overstate their qualifications. Checking references often yields vital information about the job candidate.
  2. Criminal Background Checks:
    • Background checks to assess whether a candidate is honest, trustworthy, or may potentially pose a threat to others. State and Federal laws differ on the extent an employer may consider an applicant’s criminal history in making hiring decisions.
  3. Conditional Offer of Employment:
    • Make job offer with condition that they meet with a physician. Your handpicked physician will know physical aspects of the job and can determine if the job candidate can perform job duties without or with physical limitations. The physician cannot share medical findings; however, they can say if there is no physical limits for the individual.
  4. Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Checks:
    • Before allowing employee to drive a company vehicle or run errands on company time, you must check the employees MVR. There is significant liability when giving the keys to your employee.
  5. Drug Test:
    • Initial drug test before you hire can help eliminate potential risky applicants. It is also highly recommended to perform random drug tests after employment.

We understand that not all guard companies can implement all these strategies. The point is the more time and resources spent on pre-employment can potentially save the company thousands of dollars in future workers compensation claims.

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Craig Mount

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