How much do security guards make?

How much do security guards make?
March 25, 2013 cmount

For those that are interested in becoming a security guard or starting a security guard company, there are quite a few factors that will dictate the final amount of money that an employee will make. Based on statistics from 2010 through 2013, here is a closer look at the average wages for a security guard.

For most security guard companies, employees will be paid on an hourly rate instead of a salary. The hourly rate is often determined by the guards experience as well as their pertinent skills and qualifications. Armed security guards with military or police experience will generally make more than those that are just entering into this particular field. The location that the security guard is working will also be a major factor as every state has varying regulations on minimum wages.

The median earnings for a guard are just over $12.70 an hour with upwards of $26,000 a year. Overtime could double or triple these earnings depending on the amount of hours that are worked in a single day or a week. More hazardous locations could also affect how much the security guard makes as well as the employer themselves. Larger organizations may offer monthly or yearly bonuses along with other benefits such as medical and dental coverage

Security guard companies can also outsource their employees to larger organizations or even to the government with additional increases in one’s pay. Some of the final factors that could dictate one’s pay include the time of day in which they are working, travel bonuses, and qualifications with other weapons.