Revisiting Assault & Battery

Revisiting Assault & Battery
September 17, 2019 GuardPro Insurance

While having the proper limits on your insurance policy is important, what is included and excluded takes an even higher precedence. I review multiple policies daily and am surprised at the amount of Security Guard Companies that are not properly insured. I was reviewing a prospective clients’ policy when I was shocked to see Assault & Battery was completely excluded from his policy. When I advised him of this exclusion he said he was under the impression he did not need this coverage since his guards did not “touch” anyone.

Insurance defines Assault & Battery as the following: “A threatening act, physical and/or verbal, which causes a person to reasonably fear for life and safety, the unlawful application of force to another person, physically striking another person without permission”.

As the owner of a Security Guard business, I’m sure you can see why Assault & Battery is such an important coverage after reading that definition. No matter the type of contract, low-risk or high-risk, if a claim is brought against you due to a security guard assaulting someone, you want to make sure you and your business is properly insured. This coverage is here for a reason, and that reason being sometimes you can’t control the unexpected.

Find some examples of Assault & Battery below

Example 1:

There were shots fired in a club and the victim was running to the exit when he was grabbed by four security guards and escorted out. The victim claimed that the security had beaten him violently in the act of escorting.

Example 2:

Incident reports two patrons were escorted when they refused to pay for a drink. One of the patrons resisted, requiring him to be restrained and escorted out of the bar where Police took over. Patron claimed he was assaulted in the act.

Example 3:

Claimant was waiting in line when she asked if she could use the restroom. The security granted her entry to use the restroom, after which she refused to return to line. She was escorted out and claims she was jumped by the staff.