How to get your security guard card

How to get your security guard card
April 5, 2013 GuardPro Insurance

Entering into the security field can be a lucrative career option, but there are a number of federal and local regulations that determine who can receive their security guard card as well as carry firearms on duty. In addition to government regulations, many private security companies maintain additional requirements, and that is why potential guards should first understand how to obtain their state guard card.

The first requirement is that the security guard is 18 years of age and can prove their age with a government-issued form of identification. After this has been done, a short application must then be filled out in order for the state’s Department of Justice to carry out an extensive background check including one’s criminal history. This initial paperwork includes basic contact, personal information, and fingerprinting.

Each of these steps generally require a small fee but some security companies may cover these costs for new employees. The guard must then complete 40 hours of training carried out by a private patrol company or a certified training facility. Prior to being assigned one’s first post, 8 hours must be completed. After their first shift, the guard then has 30 days to complete 16 more hours of training and have it signed off by the certified trainer. After this has been completed, they must then carry out 16 more hours of training within the next 6 months. Guards that are required to carry firearms must go through additional training and background checks in order to remain armed while on duty, and this training varies by state.


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