February 2019 Update

February 2019 Update
March 29, 2019 GuardPro Insurance

We had an outstanding start to 2019 with our month in review for January, but want to always keep the ball rolling into the next month.

  • We renewed over 30 client’s policies in February, staying in line with our 95% retention rate.
  • Over 10 new clients were placed into our specialized programs, with an average savings of 15% in premium.
  • Our client success story comes from a new client who we saved 40% on his Workers

Standout Success Story

I received a call from a security guard company owner in Northern California. The business was only 3 years old and the owner had successfully obtained contracts that increased the employee count to over 75 security guards and the guard payroll to $1,000,000. The workers compensation renewal rate he had obtained from the State Fund was $7.95. The owner called me about a week before the policy was set to renew asking if I could help him reduce his workers compensation cost. I was able to collect the information needed to submit to my markets and requested that they rush a quote. Within 24 hours I was able to present the insured a worker’s compensation proposal that included a net rate for the guards of $4.93. That is a savings of $3.02 for every $100 in guard payroll. The savings totaled over $30,000 for the one policy term. This insured was able to take the savings on the workers compensation and re‐invest it into his growing company. After placing the work comp coverage, we were able to secure the business auto and liability coverage by bundling it with the same carrier.