April 2019 Update

April 2019 Update
May 8, 2019 GuardPro Insurance

The month of April typically sees a large number of insurance renewals. This April was no exception! Below is a snapshot of our month:

  • GuardPro renewed over 35 policies for our current customers. Keeping our renewal rate at 95%! The retention rate shows us our customers are happy with our services keeping the majority of our client base.
  • GuardPro brought on 13 new clients this month.
    • 5 of the 13 are newly formed guard companies that needed general liability for the first time.
    • 5 of the 13 are companies that we won over by providing a policy that is more competitive in coverage and price than the old policy they had in place.
    • 3 of the 13 are old customers that brought their business back to GuardPro Insurance after realizing the new broker/coverage they switched to was not the coverage or service they had come to expect.

We look forward to a successful 2nd quarter of 2019. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding current policies or if you need insurance quotes for new lines of coverage. We are looking forward to helping you properly protect your business and employees.

Standout Success Story

“As a very small security firm trying to make sure we have all the required insurance policies for potential clients, you and your team have been a life-saver to my company! We signed a fairly large federal contract and the insurance carrier we were working with for four years ended our policy due to “extra risk incurred”. We literally searched for months looking for the required coverage we needed for a large contract. If we did not find the coverage we would have lost thousands and thousands in revenue dollars.

Additionally, our reputation as a federal contractor would have become tarnished because we could not fulfill our insurance portion of the contract. Craig Mount you and your team performed a miracle and now we have the best insurance policies possible in this industry. I am proud to carry the policies we have.”

– Henry, American Global Management