Admitted vs Non-Admitted Carriers

Admitted vs Non-Admitted Carriers
October 6, 2015 GuardPro Insurance

An insurance company that has been approved by the state’s insurance department is “admitted”.

The qualifications a carrier must meet to be qualified are the following:

  • The insurance company must comply with all state regulations regarding insurance (which are established and overseen by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners).
  • In the event that the insurance company fails financially, the state will step in to make payments on claims as necessary.

From a business owners standpoint this is good for two major reasons:

  • You don’t have to pay various fees and taxes when you purchase a policy because the company’s status makes those expenses unnecessary.
  • If the company fails for some reason (e.g., claims after a natural disaster deplete its reserve of funds), you have a guarantee that the state will step in and cover your claims.

As a “non-admitted” insurance carrier, has not been approved by the state’s insurance department. A few things to be aware of:

  • The insurance company does not necessarily comply with state insurance regulations.
  • If the insurance company becomes insolvent, there is no guarantee that your claims will be paid, even if your case is active at the time of the bankruptcy or financial failure.
  • If a policyholder thinks his or her case was handled improperly, he or she cannot appeal to the state insurance department.

Although an “admitted” carrier seems like the solid choice between the two, keep in mind the financial stability of the insurance carrier you choose. A “nonadmitted” carrier with a financial rating of (A+) might be a better bet than an “admitted” carrier with a rating of (C).