Affordable and effective bonding options for your security company.


Within the security industry, remaining bonded will often mean the difference between maintaining manageable growth with new clients and falling behind the competition.  Clientele like to know exactly what they are getting from their security company and feel confident in the services that are offered.  Unfortunately, acquiring affordable bonding for a security or private investigation company can become an overwhelming task for those that are unsure of where to find the best possible protection.  BSGIns is proud to provide our clients with some of the most affordable and effective options for insuring and bonding both their business and their services.

What is Bonding?

Bonding, or bonding insurance, is a way of insuring against losses caused by fraud or dishonesty.

State Requirements

Most states throughout the country require all security and private investigation companies to be insured.  These policies will allow these businesses to access the funds that they need in the case of any mishaps ranging from assistance with workers’ compensation to civil suits.  Not all states require these companies to be bonded, however, but bonding can provide future clients with the confidence that they need in making a decision.  Not all bonding is identical and every security company should be sure that they are receiving the most affordable bonding for their own needs.

Fidelity bonds

Fidelity bonds are often acquired in order to protect a company from a number of legal situations that could become extremely expensive without the proper assistance.  Primarily, this includes any issues with theft or damage to one’s property.  If the state does not require minimum financial responsibility in the form of surety bonding, companies can choose the overall amount of protection that they would like if these issues do arise in the coming years.

In addition to theft, fidelity bonds could also help to fill in any gaps in coverage that general liability insurance may not cover.  Some of the most common instances in which fidelity bonds will be used include forgery, alteration, disappearance of property, employee dishonesty, and personal accounts.  These fidelity bonds will provide your clients and customers with the confidence that they need to utilize your services.

We’re here to help!

BSGI believes that it is our responsibility to make the process of finding affordable insurance and fidelity bonds as easy as possible.  Instead of requiring multiple contracts and hours of paperwork, our agents are ready to offer you a hassle-free quote today.  Give us a call at 877-404-4299 or get a free quote online and discover just how easy it can be to protect your business and your assets.